Fabletics Review

Last month I posted about my first Fabletics order! I received my first order for $30 and chose one of the outfits the site recommended for me based on my preferences entered in while registering. I bought the Seconde outfit, which just happens to be one of their top sellers. The customer service was great! It took a while for the clothes to ship but once they did I received them in no time. I love the pants! The fit was great and the material is not sheer at all (hmm hmm Lulu…), the top was great as well. The material for the top wasn’t super thick but it definitely doesn’t feel thin and sheer. My only problem was with the sports bra. I know on the website it says that it is a light support bra, but I figured it would at least be manageable. They were in fact right that the sports bra offers little to no support, so definitely not a bra to go running in! All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase and would most definitely recommend all of you fit junkies out there to give this brand a try! It’s cute, comfortable and affordable! If you have any outfits from here feel free to share, as I will be ordering my next outfit within a few days! http://www.fabletics.com/invite/51043209/


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